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Welcome to the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) portal

If you have a verified MyGovID account, you can log into NDLS online by clicking ‘Continue with MyGovID’.

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You'll be redirected to the myGovID login page

Our top NDLS Online queries

You can apply online:

  • For a first-time learner permit or full driving licence
  • To renew your learner permit or licence
  • To replace your permit or licence (if it has been lost/stolen/damaged)
  • To add a new category to your permit or licence
  • To exchange your foreign licence for an Irish licence
  • To update your personal details

A MyGovID account is a safe and secure online account that you can use to access a range of public service portals including NDLS online, MyWelfare, and MyRoadSafety.

Setting up a basic MyGovID account is easy and only takes two minutes. All you need is your name (as it appears on your birth certificate) and an email address. This video will show you how

Once you’ve set up your basic MyGovID account, you need to get it verified. You will need your Public Services Card (PSC), your PPS number, and the mobile phone number you provided to the NDLS or the Department for Social Protection when you applied for your PSC. This video will show you how. You can also choose to verify your MyGovID account by getting a PIN sent to your postal address.

To get a Public Services Card (PSC) card, you must book an appointment to attend your local Intreo centre and bring certain documents.

When applying online, you may need to submit the following documentation:

  • Proof of address dated within the last six months (if your current address is different to the one you provided when applying for your Public Services Card)
  • Proof that you are normally resident in Ireland (if your place of birth and nationality are outside the EU/EEA)
  • A completed eyesight report form dated within one month, if required in your case
  • A completed medical report form dated within one month, if required in your case
  • Your Foreign Driving Licence (if you’re applying for an exchange)
  • A completed Garda declaration form (if your licence has been lost or stolen)